How to import elementor template kit to wordpress

How to Import Elementor Template Kit

This guide will show you how to import an Elementor template kit to your WordPress website. Template kit is a collection of stylish & trendy pre-designed templates for building a website. In the first place, template kits are available only for Elementor.  You may use them to create a website, however you still require a base theme for WordPress

Generally, there are several ways to import a template kit:

1. Using a built-in import tool in Elementor

You can download and unzip the template kit file and import one template at a time. In order to import a template kit, you should navigate to Templates > Saved templates > Import template

As a result, all imported templates can be found under Templates > Saved Templates tab and can be easily added to the pages. 

2. Installing a Template Kit – Import plugin 

Alternatively, you may download a Template Kit – Import plugin.  Once this plugin is installed and activated navigate to Tools > Template Kit to begin importing.

This tool allows uploading the Elementor template kit zip file. 

The plugin also shows a notification if there are any missing requirements for the uploaded Template Kit. You should install and activate these missing requirements for the kit to work properly.

That’s it. Enjoy

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